• HT-420SL Stainless Steel High Speed Bone Saw


  • HT-420LUX Stainless Steel High Speed Bone Saw


  • HT-420LUX-1 Stainless Steel High Speed Bone Saw


  • HT-420LUX-2 Stainless Steel High Speed Bone Saw


Meat Bandsaw /

Stainless Steel High Speed Bone Saw

HT-420LUX / HT-420SL

  • Our Band Saw which was designed firmly durable. Stainless steel construction conform to food hygienical standard. It is suitable for meat processing factory, central kitchen, chain stores. No matter is the frozen meat, bone and poultry or fish, that can accurately and efficiently cut.
  • The work table has the sliding table and fixed table may supply different choices.
  • They are devised with blade tensioner which are convenient for simply blade installment. As well as with the blade guide to prevent the blade run randomly.
  • Top wheel and bottom wheel device with scraper to scrape off the dust to prevent the blade running slippery.
  • High speed running cut the meat smoothly and reduced the meat wastage.
  • Double rim stainless steel top and bottom wheels to avoid the blade slip off.
  • The graduated work table that is advantageous for precise thickness cutting.
  • Ergonomic design and good waterproof character is for easily and hygienically cleaning with high pressure cleaner.
  • Dual function sliding table with flat table for HT-420LUX (Option), easy to variety table type depend on different operation.

Options:Sliding table / Brake device

Model No. HT-420SL HT-420LUX
Wheel diameter 420 mm 420 mm
Saw blade 3150 mm 3300 mm
Max. cutting height 400 mm 435 mm
Max. cutting width 400 mm 410 mm
Motor capacity 5 Hp 5 Hp
Machine dimensiom ( W x D x H ) 1040 x 1140 x 1870 mm 1030 x 1115 x 1920 mm
Machine weight net / gross 280 kgs / 380 kgs 350 kgs / 450 kgs
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